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The human body has always fascinated me and I am thrilled to have turned my interest into a profession. The main focus of my work lays in the area of sports, regeneration and prevention. My educational training allows me to offer a wide range of treatments, which are tailored individually to the wishes and needs of my patients. This way, convincing results can be achieved quickly, especially in pain relief, regaining mobility or improving performance.



2012 Training Therapy

2012 Sports Physiotherapy

2012 Wellness Therapy

2015 Manual Lymph Drainage, Complex Physical Decongestion Therapy

2016 Scar Therapy by Boeger

2016 Ostheopathic Fascial Therapy


2016 Reanimation Course


2017 Hentschel-Method


2017 Fachausweis Med. Masseurin (EFA)


2021 Structural and Functional Craniosacral Therapy

2023 Osteopathic Therapist

Work Experience

2013 - 2014     Bürgerspital Basel / Reha Chrischona

2014 - 2019     Salina Medizin AG / Kompetenzzentrum Rehabilitationsklinik

2019 - 2020    Physiozentrum Basel

2020 - 2022   GYYM Physio Basel

2020 - today  Independent Masseuse at Körperraum Basel

2022 - today  Hirslanden Training

Further Expertises

2018 SYPOBA® Basic Instructor

2020 SYPOBA® Progressive Advanced & Gatepress Advanced Instructor

2021  SYPOBA® Professional Instructor

from 2022 SYPOBA® Professional Instructor at Rennbahnklinik Muttenz


I am recognized as a therapist by all Swiss supplementary insurances.

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