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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. General

All treatments by the therapist Isabel Garcia (referred to as "therapist") are carried out in consultation with the patient, who is obliged to provide the therapist with truthful information about his or her state of health and the consequences of the treatment.

2. Disclaimer of Liability

If, despite professional use, consequential damage occurs that is based on hidden reasons for exclusion of the patient, the therapist is released from any liability. The same applies to damage caused by the fact that a reason for exclusion was unknown to the patient and not recognizable to the therapist.

3. Appointment cancellation

In the event of changes or cancellations, please inform me 24 hours in advance. After this period, the entire amount for the booked treatment will be billed.

4. Massage time / delay

The massage time also includes the time to change clothes. We ask for your understanding that your treatment time will be shortened if you arrive late. The treatment ends on time so that the next patient doesn't have to wait.

5. Treatment

Treatment is based on current knowledge. No liability is accepted due to different treatment methods.

6. Confidentiality

All treatments are subject to the confidentiality of the therapist.

7. Data protection

The health information provided is kept strictly confidential. Customer data is treated confidentially and neither passed on to third parties nor sold.

8. Prices / Payment

The treatment must be paid for in cash. All prices are binding and given in Swiss Francs. If you have additional insurance from your health insurance company, the therapy can be fully or partially covered by the health insurance company. Please contact your health insurance company.

9. Voucher

Vouchers can be obtained preferably in the practice and paid in cash. You are also welcome to order vouchers by email or telephone. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

To redeem the voucher, an appointment must be made and the voucher must be brought to the appointment. If this appointment can not be kept, it must be canceled by the customer, taking into account the stated deadlines. If the appointment is not canceled within the specified period, the voucher is considered redeemed and loses its validity.

10. Liability for Links

References and links to third party websites are outside our area of responsibility. We accept no responsibility for such websites. Access to and use of such websites is at the user's own risk.

Location: Basel

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